Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bold steps.

Out of the blue today, my Dad came to me and said,"I got you a Blackberry".

I couldn't believe what I heard. A Blackberry!

Not even once have I thought that I would own a Blackberry. The iPhone 3G, on the other hand, had always been on my mind.

The Blackberry my Dad got me was the Bold 9000. Luckily it was the Bold and not the Curve nor the Storm. Good choice, Dad.

Having used it for a few hours now, I think I'm growing fonder of the phone. I like that I am able to use the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) to go browse, check emails and chat online without being limited to using 3G or Wifi.

It helps that I'm using XL in Indonesia and XL has this service called the Blackberry One that charges a flat rate of Rp.5000/day, unlimited for internet usage. Remarkably affordable.

I only hope that Malaysia's telco can offer such cheap BIS as XL's.

Thank you, Dad, for the phone! I'm finally a smartphone user.