Friday, May 15, 2009

Revenge's coming.

When Transformers first came out, I think the majority liked Bumblebee more than the rest of the robots. I know I did.

Now that the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is coming out very soon, the internet is rampant with pictures of scenes from the movie, robots and cars that will appear in the movie and lastly the toys!

Everyone, say hello to Sideswipe,

Credit: Jalopnik

I think the toy is so gonna sell well, if not better than Bumblebee.

Of course if you talk about Transformers you must not forget the very hot Megan Fox.

I'm sure you will remember her from a scene in the first movie where her body bent over Sam's car hood.

I think Michael Bay is paying homage to that scene in the next movie with this image:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Windows 7, up and running.

I'm test-driving Windows 7 RC1 on my MacBook now.

At first I was torn between having to choose to install it Boot Camp-style or Virtual Machine-style.

I just got the Win7 iso a few days ago from my friend. And I read that if you want to install it via Boot Camp, you have to burn the iso into a DVD so that it can run as installation CD. While I also read that it is possible to run the iso from USB sticks, it requires technical expertise which I do not possess.

So in the end, I chose to install Windows 7 via Parallel Desktop (You need to upgrade to recent versions so that Parallel Desktop can identify that you are trying to install Windows 7 (Experimental).

For a complete installation walk-through, I read this.

It took me roughly 45 mins to have Windows 7 up and running, with all drivers properly installed.

If you haven't got Windows 7, download is still available till July 2009.

There is a one-year time frame before the RC1 copy of Windows 7 expires on June 1 2010. However, starting March 1 2010, your computer will shutdown every two hours. This, I presume is to remind you to get the commercial copy which should be out in stores by then.