Thursday, September 4, 2008

I wish I could draw!

I've recently come across a great homebrew app for the Nintendo DS. It's a nifty colouring/painting/drawing app for those who love drawing or even those who just simply can't draw but love to doodle silly stuffs, i.e, me.

Apparently the Colors DS have been around for quite some time because, already, there is a gallery showcasing the great works done by other people. And believe me, they are really great! Check it out yourself! I think at first glance, if I haven't told you it was drawn using DS, you would think it was drawn using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Anyway, this was done by me today at school while waiting for the rain to stop.

"My Old and Beaten 505s"

Man I really wish I could draw.

1 comment:

alex.lee said...

bgs tuh artnya

anyway, iy, gw uda di shanghai
bljr mandarin gw
itu yg lo tulis aja gw mao baca ampe lama bngt baru ngerti