Friday, October 10, 2008

Apple's Keynote Event On 14 Oct!


Apple will be announcing its new line of Macbooks/Pros on the 14 October (15 Oct in this part of the world). So the rumour turned out to be quite reliable after all.

I can't wait! I hope the notebooks will be cheaper and better this time round. From what I've gathered so far, the most basic MacBook model would be priced from $899 (w00000t!!!!) and feature NVIDIA chips. Also, the plastic casing would be replaced by aluminium ones, like those found on iMacs.


Should be pretty good. I hope these are true!

I think if Apple really introduces cheap notebooks under U$1k, then it's time I replace my four-year old Toshiba.

But my only concern at the moment is the strengthening of US dollars, which means Malaysian resellers may have to sell the notebook at higher prices. Damn the global financial crisis!

By the way, the AUD slipped so much. Last I checked, it was AUD$1 against Rph.6623!!! Hopefully it falls further to Rph.6000s ... so that my dream of going to Melbourne for holiday materializes!

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