Sunday, March 30, 2008

KL–SIN–KL in < 24Hrs

I clocked in an estimated total of 18 hours in Singapore yesterday.

A friend and I left Puduraya bus station for Singapore at 12 a.m plus Saturday morning and arrived at Golden Mile Complex at around 7 a.m.

We then made our way to Katong Shopping Centre for breakfast and also to ‘borrow’ the toilet to wash up. It was still early when we arrived and the shopping centre was still in darkness. So we found a place to sit and instantly felt tiredness and sleepiness surge through our bodies.

At around 10 plus, we took the bus to Orchard Road. My friend wanted to have his nose checked up at Mount Elizabeth hospital and I wanted to change my $USD to $SGD and to deposit them into my bank account.

At midday, I felt like a walking zombie. I just wanted to lie down and catch some forty winks. Luckily I found a nice and comfortable couch to slouch at the Hospital and eventually went to sleep for 30 mins.

Felt energized again, we then went around looking for my t-shirts.

The purpose of my visiting Singapore is 1) to deposit $$$ and 2) to buy Graniph t-shirts.

I first got my Graniph tee in 2003 and instantly fell in love with their many designs and pastel-coloured t-shirts. But these days, I just go for white.

I found out, through the wonders of the internet, that Graniph opened its first store in Singapore in 2007 at Bugis Junction and now there are a total of three stores in Singapore in less than a year. WOW! Definitely good news for Graniph fans and even better news is that the prices are so much closer to the ones in Japan!

Just to illustrate to how much cheaper the t-shirts are: in 2003, I bought my Graniph for $49.90 at a store called Sidewalk 101 in Far East Plaza. It is not the official retailer for Graniph but somehow it carries some Graniph tees at significant mark-ups. Now at the official Graniph stores in Singapore, the same t-shirt is priced at $35 a piece and if you buy two, at $60. If in 2003, a $100 would only get me two t-shirts, now in 2008, it got me three!!!

So at 10 p.m Saturday night, we left Golden Mile Complex for Kuala Lumpur and arrived at Puduraya bus station at 3 a.m Sunday morning.

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