Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting a new 'cat' this September

So I stayed up at 1 a.m on Tuesday waiting for the WWDC'09 to begin. I was really, really hoping for some juicy Apple news.

To me, the WWDC'09 delivered both excitements and disappointment.

First the excitements.

1) Apple's brand new OS dubbed the Snow Leopard. Offers 64-bit computing and lots of "refinements". But, little or no changes to the UI at all. Best thing about the new OS? Upgrade will only cost US$29!!! Releasing in September.

2) Brand new iPhone 3G S (Speed). Looks good. But am not especially excited because I'm not an iPhone user. The apps showcased during the keynote was fantastic though. I was actually hoping that the new iPhone would sport a matte back instead of shiny one, and of course a 'glowing Apple logo' at the back. Apparently, Apple still wants to retain the original iPhone 3G look.

Now the BIG disappointment:

Apple decided that the 13" MacBook Unibody will now be called 13" MacBook Pro. The price will be cheaper and of course it will have higher specs, too.

WTF! This is so unfair. I just bought mine 6 months ago for fuck's sake. Even worse, I bought mine at a time when the Rupiah was weak, at RM1 = IDR3340. Now it's strengthening to RM1= IDR28XX.

So not only has the 13" MacBook unibody been renamed to MacBook Pro, it has better specs and costs much less.


Oh well, life's like that. But I had to rant.

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