Monday, July 27, 2009

Since my last blog entry...

I've abandoned this space for long enough. Many things have happened since my last entry.

The last entry was written five days before my final exam, so since that entry, I:

1) sat for my final exam.

2) came out fucking worried that I might flunk it again.

3) bought the 10-22mm lens that I always wanted.

4) went on short vacation to the island of Penang with the missus.

5) from Penang we went on a one-day trip to nearby Langkawi island. Hired a car and drove around the island.

6) returned to Sunway and began worrying about my exam result thereafter days and nights. lol.

7) went to Genting Highlands, twice. Once with my auntie and her family, and another occasion with the usual suspects: Felix, Dody and Ivan. Won rm 200 in the beginning but quickly in a span of only 2 hours, lost all the winnings plus rm 300 of my own money. fuck!!

8) killing zombies, monsters and witches on a daily basis at a nearby cybercafe with friends.

9) resumed playing GTA IV (as of typing this, I've only have one more mission before i beat the game).

10) fucking jubilated when result was released. I passed and i'm gonna graduate this Sept.

11) visited the missus in Singapore and met up with a couple of friends during my stay.

I think I've covered most things that had happened to the best that I could remember.


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

alex.lee said...

looking forward for the 10-22mm

silasdaninja said...

@hapi: thank you pls come again!

@alex.lee: yo! how's life brah? haha u also getting 1022??