Monday, August 11, 2008

Fashion Fusion @ Berjaya Times Square

I've finally gotten my Tamrac Adventure 7 in grey/black after 2 weeks of waiting. I love the camera backpack, and it doesn't carry the looks of a camera bag!

HOWEVER, I'm still having a tough time fiddling and figuring out how to fit my EOS 400D with battery grip with a lens attached into the compartments.

Bert, can you post a picture of how u fit your gears into ur Tamrac please! Appreciate it!

Anyway, I 'de-virginize' my Tamrac by bringing it to Fashion Fusion at Berjaya Times Square on Saturday.

One really can't shoot fashion runways if one doesn't own a longer range lens.

I shot with my 50mm (lol... I was the only one with a standard lens among the big guns)... damn paiseh sia standing beside people with big lenses.

btw, all my pictures here have been heavily cropped.








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