Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Movie Rants.

Two weeks ago, I think, I watched Cloverfield.

When I first saw its trailer during my first round of Transformers at the cinema back in July 2007, I remembered saying to my friends, 'wow another must-watch movie!!!'. It was still untitled then and shrouded in mystery and I soon forgot about it.

This year when I saw the poster of 'Clovefield' showing the headless Statue of Liberty,the dots connected. I suddenly remembered the trailer where the decapitated head of the statue of liberty was hurled from a distance like a ping-poing ball. Boy, was I excited.

Then the day finally arrived. I was so excited and curious at the same time at how the story was going to unfold. My expectation was, so to speak, through the roof!

As the movie played, what I thought was gonna be one of the best movies of 2008, had become one of the worst, in my opinion.

Wut I hate about the movie:

1. Too much screaming and running around. Getting from one place to another.I'd like that they focused on the monster too.

2. The dude behind the video camera kept screaming Rob's name. Fucking irritating.

3. Too much night scene. Night scene + running + shaky video camera = fucking dizziness. cb. Only the last 3-5 mins were daylight scene. Wtf.

4. wut the fuck happened to the monster in the end? BIG QUESTION MARK THERE.

Wut I like about it:

1. Perhaps the story-telling. Love the idea of telling a story through a first person's view.

Verdict: Damn fucking disappointed knnbccb........!!!


Don't watch this movie, you've been warned.

I watched 'Gabriel' last week and it topped Cloverfield in the worst movie category. Fucking lame siah the story... and the graphic... shit ....the most undeserving rm11 ever spent.


Rambo yo asssssss!!

I just came back from watching Rambo 4. Initially I didn't think I would watch the movie, let alone like it. The reason why I disliked it at first is because I hate the idea of shooting the whole thing in a jungle... but I wus totally wrong. I love the movie.

Love the violence and lots of bloody splattering scenes, the powerful explosions and firing of machine guns. OMG.. RAMBOOOOOOOOO......

I wish they will make 'Rambo' a verb!!!

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