Saturday, January 26, 2008


(which I almost sold).

It seems like one would never grow tired of their Nintendo DSes.

I mean, of course at one point in time you will feel bored after playing it for one year. But with so many great homebrew applications out there for the handheld console, it is not difficult to start liking your DS again as if it were just bought yesterday.

If you bought your Nintendo DS solely for playing games, then you are not doing this awesome little gadget any justice. Please don't, for god's sake! It is capable of doing so many other things!!!

Why not? It is equipped with wifi connectivity, a microphone and a touchscreen function for interactivity.

Right now, I think some talented developers are experimenting how to turn the Nintendo DS into a functional Skype-like phone.

You can turn your DS into an ipod, albeit not as many features as the real ipod. But close enough. Using the touchscreen, you can scroll the wheel of the ipod to choose menu, songs and adjust volume.

Here's a video.

And here's my IPOD/DS.


Last week, after almost 3 years and many failed attempts to meet, I finally had the chance to meet a couple of old friends from Melbourne. But the darn thing is, after all these years, we forgot to take pictures to remember this rare chance of reunion!!! Wut the hell right???? It must have been the excitement.

This is us nearly 3 years ago. How time flies.

Me, Wily, Alan.

HAHAHA... wut an unforgettable night. LMAO.

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