Friday, January 11, 2008


Bloody hell, I've something to rant about.

I just have one of the worst movie experiences, thus far!!

and this happened at TGV @ Sunway Pyramid.

So I was watching American Gangster, supposedly a very serious drama, Godfather-type, but not even close.

And suddenly, when it wus half way into the show and getting serious, the picture in the screen moved or wus it misaligned.. you know you can see the border of the film and some parts of the scene was cut. And sometimes it was split into two, with the bottom screen on top.

Then came the funny part.

The TGV peeps fixed the 'split screen' problem but they didn't know that they had projected the picture on the screen lower than usual. Meaning to say that, originally in a scene, you can see a character's full body. but now, since it's 'lower', you can only see his head and there's more space above his head.

Sometimes, you can see the microphones too.

In some scenes, the microphone is much lower and conspicuous. it wus funny seeing the scene and frustrating at the same time.

Now, have you seen subtitle this high???

maybe in pirated vcd.

damn you TGV! i want my money back!

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